The Black Community just dismantled the idea that Trump is a racist

by Leah Rosenberg

Does the Black Community as a whole think President Trump is a racist? Absolutely not. Black Lives Matter and the Left are not the voices for everyone.

President Trump is Not a Racist

This video is crucial for Americans to hear. It is crucial for people who think they speak for the Black community to hear. Not all Blacks support BLM or hate Trump. These brave people are speaking out against the notion that President Trump is racist. They do not believe he is anything close to a racist. The mainstream media just tries to create a negative spotlight on Trump as often as they can, even when it goes completely against the facts and the truth.

As one man in this video said, “If Donald Trump is a racist, he’s not very good at it.”

The Left isn’t the Black Community

The Left wants you to believe that Blacks hate Trump. They want you to believe that he is a racist to prevent Blacks from voting for him. But for those who know better, they know that it is another false narrative created by the media to push their own unproductive agenda.

Why won’t the media show these faces? Why doesn’t Black Lives Matter think that THESE Black lives matter?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the answer.

The only people claiming that President Trump is a racist are people who are trying to get him out of office. It is people who are trying to divide America.

The Truth No Longer Matters

It seem that the truth no longer matters to the media, to many on the Left, and to many Americans. The facts mean nothing. If a BLM activist says something, it is held as truth, even if it is based on nonsense. If the media shares a story, it is believed to be based on facts, even if it is based on lies.

America seems to be divided between those who care about the truth and those who don’t. And until more people move over to the side of truth, how can anything positive happen?

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