Candace Owens gave the most brilliant insight about systemic racism

by Phil Schneider

Why do black people tend to earn less than white people and why do more black people fill the prisons than white people? Is it due to racism or due to other factors? Is affirmative action a good thing or not?

The reason why most of the black people who work earn less than white people is due to many factors. Racism is actually one of the factors – but not the only or primary factor. The primary factor is by far the enormous lack of family values that prevail in so much of the black community. For every man who is in prison who does not father his children, there are several children that are raised with very little chance of succeeding in society.

The family breakdown is the main issue that leads to nearly all of the other issues. The financial hardships that exist are there predominantly due to an overworked mother taking care of children alone. The financial hardships lead to a vicious cycle that then ends up making it even more difficult for young black people to get a step up in society. So, the system may be the problem – as long as the system is defined as the family unit.

In the early part of the 20th century, studies were done on what caused juvenile delinquency. The main reason was not financial struggles, but the lack of a strong family unit. This is why children of wealthy parents also have a high juvenile delinquency rate when their parents break up. The system that needs fixing is the family unit.

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