Democratic official thanks President Trump in remarkable speech

by Leah Rosenberg

Democratic official Vernon Jones just destroyed the narrative that his own party created about the police force. Brilliant speech!

When a Democratic Official Got it

Vernon Jones is hopefully not the only Democratic official who sees the problem with defunding the police. But he is speaking up about it publicly. He went against his own party’s false narrative about policemen. He exposed them. This speech is shocking and refreshing.

Jones knows that not all policemen are bad. He knows the truth. It is one thing to know the truth internally, but it is another thing to be willing to swim against the tide – away from your own school of fish – and share it out loud.

When Things Should be Bipartisan

Certain things should be bipartisan. Whether one is a Democrat, Republican, or somewhere in the middle, some things everyone should agree on. The respect and support for law enforcement should be one of those things. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, should support those who are trying to protect the law and protect human life. That is the rational and moral thing to do.

The fact that anyone is trying to defund the police is absurd. And the fact that there are elected officials who support that notion is even more absurd. If elected officials do not support those who enforce law, then who DO they support? Many seem to be supporting violent protestors and those who are breaking the law. There is something very wrong with that.

Thanking President Trump

What is even more amazing about Vernon Jones’ speech is that he thanked President Trump at the end. It is probably not common amongst Democrats to thank the president. Jones showed that Democrats can and should be civil and even can agree with Republicans on many issues facing America.

Thank YOU, Mr. Jones for standing up for what’s right.

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