Iranian Ships On Fire, Is Israel Behind It?

by Micha Gefen

Over the last few weeks, the Iranian regime has been rocked by a series of covert attacks that some say have set its nuclear programs back at least two years. Yesterday, it was reported that 7 Iranian ships had caught on fire in Bushehr, which is also home to the Islamic regime’s official nuclear power plant.

More than the set back, the covert operations have struck fear in the regime in Teheran and revealed how weak they really.

The current assumption is that it is in fact Israel which has found a way to infiltrate Iran and carry out these attacks. While Israel’s Mossad has been known for daring operations, could their be other groups in Iran that are behind these attacks?

Two groups that have a bone to pick with the Iranian regime come to mind.


The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) is an armed group seeking to force Iran to give Iranian Kurds more autonomy. They are based in Iraq, just over the porous border. Their bases are well secure in the mountain region that hug the border. While they are not as wealthy or secure as the KDP or PKI in Iraq, they have supporters on both sides of the Iran-Iraq border. More importantly they have a number of their own supporters who have infiltrated the Iranian military.

The Baloch

The Baloch people are located in the south-eastern part of Iran. They have a distinct culture and have been pushing for their own country for years. While they are far from able to fight a direct war for secession from Teheran, they would be able to carry out clandestine operations.

Both of the above would still need Israeli intelligence and back to carry out such attacks. Regardless, Israel’s strategy very well may be to exploit the anger Iranian minorities have towards the Islamic government.

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