The Statue Wars Continue: BLM Statue Removed

by Micha Gefen

Just in case you thought BLM was winning the “Statue Wars” think again. Last month BLM insurrectionists took down a statue of a slave trader and replaced it a few days ago with a statue of the BLM activist who stood on the pedestal after the former taken down.

The British government in a swift move has now taken down the statue of the BLM activist.

In the case of the former slave trader’s statue, most onlookers and public do not disagree with its removal. This is far different than the anarchist, insurrectionist BLM uprising in America which now targets statues of abolitionists. Their aim has been to destroy American history, not right a historic wrong.

While BLM may want to take down statues that bother them, putting up their own statues will be a long time coming, that is if leaders like DeBlasio and others are kept far away from positions of national power.

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