Leftist Jewish Journalist is called Conservative after NYT resignation

by Phil Schneider

Is Bari Weiss a conservative? According to Caroline Glick and many others, Bari Weiss is basically a left-of-center liberal. This is what is called an honest journalist. Honest liberals are something that are sorely needed in the world today. There is a reason that Alan Dershowitz, a self-proclaimed and proud liberal has made it a point to say that the most dangerous group today are not the right-wing fringe, but the radical left-wing progressives.

The right-wing fringe is indeed a problematic element. It is indeed a hate-filled element with strong violent streaks. But, they are not growing in number and influence. On the other hand, the left-wing progressive element is not just becoming more and more influential. They also have a strong anarchist and violent streak among their followers. But that group also views anybody that does not toe their line as a threat to their ideology.

That is how honest liberals like Bari Weiss end up being branded as conservatives. The close-mindedness of the progressive crowd is truly disheartening. Today, their voices are ascendant. Will they continue to grow? Will there be a backlash when the results of movements like the Defund the Police movement lead to crime waves across the United States? These are the critical questions that will become more and more relevant in the coming years. There is much to be concerned about. We need more rational liberal voices to stand up to the threat from the radical left.

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