The NY Times senior editor who puts her religion first

by Leah Rosenberg

It can be hard to put religion first with certain career choices. But some people have the strength to choose their faith.

NY Times Senior Editor & Shabbat

Karen Barrow is an inspiration. The fact that she works for a big newspaper and still is dedicated to her religion is heroic these days. Many people are willing to give up their values to get and keep the job they want. Careers seem to be more valuable than values themselves. Many will give up keeping the Shabbat in order to reach the top place in their company, firm, or organization.

But Karen makes it known that she will be keeping Shabbat first. No matter what is going on in the world, from Friday at sundown to Saturday at nightfall Karen will be unavailable to write about it. She will be spending that time with her family and with her faith. Shabbat is more important to Karen than the New York Times.

Antisemitism is on the rise, and this NYT senior editor is still proudly keeping her faith. Jews everywhere should learn from her to keep their faith, be proud Jews, and not let a career be the thing they care about most. When it seems that a career is clashing with your religion, it is important not to give up on the values that make you, you. Careers can come and go, but religion is everlasting. It is the cornerstone. It is the foundation. And without a foundation, nothing else will hold up.

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