Netanyahu Blasts Leftist Media Over Protest Coverage

by Avi Abelow

15 years ago, hundreds of thousands of Israelis went out to the streets to protest against the Israeli government’s decision to destroy 24 Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip and expel close to 10,000 Jews from their homes, in the hope that it would bring peace with the Palestinian Authority. 

I was one of those protesting against this decision because I knew that it would bring more terror, violence and death not peace. 

The protests were not violent. The extent of the protests was blocking traffic at key intersections across the country.

The justice system used an iron fist to put down the protests by arresting thousands of people, including hundreds of minors and holding them in jail for days without representation.

The Israeli mainstream media at the time hardly reported on the draconian implementation of the law to stop the protestors against the Gaza disengagement plan and it was not critical at all of the justice system at all. The Supreme Court Justice at the time said that the Democratic right to protest was holy but not at the cost of danger to individuals or the public.

Worse than that, the media portrayed the Jews of Gush Katif, and their supporters, as enemies of peace who planned to use violence and guns against Israeli authorities to stop the plan.  It was a real low point for the use of fake news used to promote an ideological agenda, that seriously divided our nation.

Fast forward to the protests in Israel today. 

While the media is reporting these protests as corona protests, with masses of people out in the streets, stopping traffic for hours  protesting the despair of their dire economic situation, in truth, everyone they interview says they are protesting against Netanyahu! There are some protesting the economic situation, but it really is a left-wing political protest against Netanyahu and the conservative religious right. They just hijacked the corona/economy issue. Sound familiar?

Not only is the Israeli media going out of its way to report on these protests against Netanyahu, with live feeds late into the night past the legal time allowed for the protests, but it’s totally lying to the public saying that they are about corona and ignoring the fact that they are political! Even the list of organizations supporting the protests makes it clear that they are political, they are all left-wing organizations active against Netanyahu policies, with no connection with corona.

Now, there is nothing wrong with left-wing protests. What’s wrong is the media’s active participation in promoting the protests while lying to the public that they are corona related, when they are not.

In addition, the police are allowing these left-wing protestors to protest way past the legal mandated time. Thousands of families are not able to sleep at night because of these protests outside their homes. Not only is the mainstream media not critiquing the police or justice system, it is defending the protestors right to protest ignoring the illegalities of it and even the violence that some of the protestors exhibited.

Listen to what Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had to say this morning.

It is sad that the mainstream media can not be relied upon for truthful reporting. It has, and continues to be, a communication tool of the left to push its ideological agenda.

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