Golan Hit By Explosives From Syria As IDF Moves More Firepower North

by Micha Gefen

While tensions between Israel and Hezbollah have continued to rise, the IDF has moved more forces up to the Golan Heights on the border of Syria.

On Friday, explosives from the Syrian side of the border hit Israel further adding to the tense situation.

It is not immediately understood if Hezbollah will claim that the infiltration attempt that ended in failure will be enough to assuage their supporters as payback for Israel killing one of their members in Syria. If it is, we are expected to see the draw down of some of the troops, but if not then expect another incident soon.

With Israel’s coalition in a constant state of crisis and Prime Minister Netanyahu under fire, Israel’s Chief os State, General Kochavi remain the steady force he has been when dealing with the nation’s threats.

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