Yearning for Jerusalem is no longer just a dream

by Leah Rosenberg

For thousands of years, the Jewish people were yearning for Jerusalem. They yearned to go back to the city of G-d. And now, they can finally come home.

Yearning for Jerusalem

It was a dream. But it no longer is. Yearning for Jerusalem can be turned into an action. It is no longer just a feeling. Although the final redemption has not been completed, the Jewish people are still able to come home to Israel. They are still able to live in the holy land freely, something that was only a dream a short time ago.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents never thought a Jewish state with the ancient city of Jerusalem as the capital would exist in their grandchildren’s lifetime. They hoped and prayed, but it was just a dream.

This is a beautiful music video portraying how what was once a dream has now become a reality.

The Lyrics to the Song

Once you were a sweet dream.
Once a jewel far from reach.
Ageless reverie.
Everlasting hope and faith
Till that day.
Once you were a soulful poem.
Once a tender book of prose.
Story of (your) deepest longing
For your children’s return.
Now we’re home.

Oh – Yerushalayim, Yerushalayim our home (x2).
Once you were sad and lonely.
Not a tree left in sight.
Now you’re a golden vision
Beacon of wisdom light.
The dream’s alive.

Once you were a prayer.
Once a promise, and a plea.
Scattered (missing) pieces of a puzzle
All come together as one.
I am whole.

Motivation for Terror
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