When returning to Zion becomes more than just a dream

by Leah Rosenberg

Returning to Zion has been the dream of the Jewish people for thousands of years. And now, it is happening right before our eyes!

Singing for Zion

Throughout all the long exiles, the Jewish people have yearned for their homeland. In all the ancient texts, Zion is mentioned countless times. Because it is not a foreign concept to the Jews. It is not something that was just created in modern times. The Jewish people have been connected to Zion for thousands of years.

And there is not only mention of Zion in ancient texts, but the Jewish nation has carried Zion with them for thousands of years until modern times. Songs today also mention it and Jewish singers constantly sing about returning home. They sing of the reality that we ARE finally coming home!

Coming Home

There is something so unique about moving to Israel, or making Aliyah. It feels new, yet also old because there is something ancient about the journey home. It is part of a chain of history of the Jewish people. Moving to Israel is difficult, yet it feels so right. God gave the Jewish people a beautiful present. And He is just waiting for everyone to enjoy and appreciate His special gift.

This song is heartfelt. You can feel the emotions of the family on their journey back to Israel. The video shows the family in a Zionistic summer camp right before they board the plane to their new lives.

Listen to the lyrics. Take them in.

You may even end up on the next flight straight to Israel!

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