Israeli children take cover from heavy Hamas rocket fire and comfort each other

by Leah Rosenberg

This is the traumatizing nature of Hamas rocket fire. Listen to it. Take it in. And share it with the rest of the world.

Hamas Rocket Fire

This topic is not new. It is not just something of the last few days, weeks, months, or even years. Hamas has been trying to destroy Israel and target civilians for well over a decade. Since 2002, Hamas has fired over 20,000 rockets at Israel. Can you imagine what they could have done with all that money? The “Palestinian” people could have had schools, hospitals, beautiful infrastructure. But instead, Hamas used all of that money toward trying to kill Israelis. Innocent men, women, and children who are just trying to live in peace. Are Israeli lives not as valuable?

So the next logical step would be for the world to condemn Hamas. It would only be rational that the international world would have emergency meetings to discuss how to stop the incessant terrorism against Israel. Wouldn’t it make sense for a universal condemnation against terror and against the organization that is ruining the lives of civilians on both sides of the border?

No International Outcry

Yet, the result has been the same. The news headlines are skewed. There is no international outcry. No international emergency meeting. Nothing. Does anyone care that what Hamas does is against international law?

When it comes to Israel, the only thing there is from the world is silence. Silence. No screaming out against all the people who have been murdered from rocket fire. No outcry for the children who are traumatized from constant red alert sirens and explosions.


And that is just disturbing.

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