Hamas’ deadly rockets are being called “firecrackers”

by Leah Rosenberg

Gaza rockets have destroyed Israeli lives, property, and emotional health. Yet some like to call these deadly rockets “firecrackers?”

Gaza Rockets

The rockets that Hamas has launched into Israel have caused more damage than anyone can imagine. There is the physical damage, and there is also the emotional damage. Imagine needing to constantly run for your life and find shelter from rockets raining down. How would that impact your life? Every sound you hear after that, even if it is not a siren warning to find shelter, will bring trauma. Just go to Southern Israel and ask what life is like. Ask how children feel living in constant fear. Children are supposed to go to school, learn, and play. Yet Israeli children living near the Gaza border are not privileged to live a regular childhood. Hamas is destroying that.

And how does the media cover the situation?

Calling Deadly Rockets “Firecrackers”

It seems too ridiculous to be true. But it is. Some like to call Hamas’ deadly rockets just “firecrackers.” They literally rain into Israel in numbers you can’t imagine. Firecrackers? That is misleading and just plain antisemitic. If people care about Jewish lives and those suffering under this rocket fire, they would never dare call one of these weapons just an innocent firecracker.

But that is the problem. The media is so bias and misleading.

Just open your eyes. See what is actually going on. One side is a terrorist organization, one side is a democratic state. One side wants the other side dead, and one side just wants to live in peace.

What is so complicated?

Arab Incitement
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