Hamas targets children with deadly balloon explosives

by Leah Rosenberg

A balloon is one of the most popular props for any party or event.  But in the Middle East, balloons are now a terror tool.

Cheap But Effective Terrorism

For more than a year, the Hamas has turned balloons into an incendiary device.  They start massive fires across Southern Israel.  A balloon that looks so innocent that the Hamas sends across the Israeli border can maim or kill an Israeli child who picks it up.

This already affects hundreds of thousands of Israelis.  Now, other terrorist groups are working to spread the poison.  There is every indication that nearly every Jewish community nearby an Arab community in Israel will have to deal with this.

One Match Can Destroy a Forest

One small match that a child of 4 or 5 can light can wreak havoc across an entire forest.  How much more so can a bunch of balloons filled with fuel flown over a border in 50 locations drive the firemen of a region totally crazy.

Basically, the only real way to control this phenomenon is to make sure that Israel treats border security as a #1 priority.

You don’t need alot of money or weapons from Iran to do this form of arson terrorism. That is why this specific method is so dangerous.

Safe Spaces

Israel needs to take back the areas that they gave away on a hope and prayer for peace.  It has totally backfired.  Literally – backfired.  Whatever Israel gave away – brought back fire in our direction.  At first, it was missiles, now it’s the no-less-lethal arson terrorism.  The main difference is the cost.  Arson is much cheaper than missiles.

Yes, it will not be simple to go back to the hornet’s nest that was so difficult to deal with.  But, either we go in and kill off the bad apples where they grow from or their venom will continue to engulf us.

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