The “Palestinian” leadership’s systematic abuse and torture of its own people

by Phil Schneider

The Palestinian Authority is an authoritarian dictatorship.  Any journalist, facebook activist or political rival who “harms the revolutionary cause” is in danger.  They may find themselves tortured, interrogated or executed. 

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is a very anti-Israel organization.  According to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they are a “blatantly hostile anti-Israeli organization.”  And even they came out and declared that the PA abuses are systematic and may amount to crimes against humanity.

So, there is now an anti-Israel rights organization that criticizes the PA for it’s human rights abuses.

Palestinian Authority – Similar to Other Arab Countries

It’s not such a surprise that the PA acts the way they do.  Nearly nobody in their leadership comes from a tradition of western democracy.  The Arabs in the Middle East are much more used to tribal nomadic behavior or dictatorial regimes.

So, when the Palestinian Authority set up shop after the Oslo agreement, there was no reason to assume they would be different than any of Israel’s neighbors.

The same goes for Hamas in Gaza.  They had a vote, won, and set up a quasi-dictatorship based on terror and hatred towards Israel.

A Solution for the Arabs in Israel Based on How the Arabs Work

One of the people who has proposed a “solution” for the Land of Israel is Dr. Mordechai Kedar.  He is an Arabic scholar and understands what the Arabs say – in Arabic.  That puts him in a completely different place than most other Middle Eastern experts.

He explains the Arab mindset that most in the Trump administration ought to read.  He breaks down why it is so difficult to even get to first base on any peace negotiation with the Arabs.  They are unable to even accept the State of Israel for what it is.

His article is brilliant.

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