An exclusive look inside the “peaceful” Portland riots

by Leah Rosenberg

Have the Portland riots been peaceful like the media claims? Is the goal of the rioters just to create a better future for America? Spoiler alert: No.

The Violent Portland Riots

The Portland riots as well as the riots throughout America are not what the media makes them out to be. This is only one video of one riot one night. Do you see how much damage was done in just one night? When you hear the rioters speak, it makes you realize they do not know history. They have no idea what America stands for, what it has overcome to be one of the greatest nations, and how destruction and violence are never the answer.

The question is, why does the media side with the protesters? Why do they try to claim they are peaceful when in fact they are everything but peaceful?

Black Lives Matter?

Listening to the one Black man at the riots who was furious at what the rioters have done is eye-opening. He mentions how Blacks barely even make up the BLM protests! And yet, these people claim to care for Blacks. They wreak havoc in the name of Blacks. But at the end of the day, their goal is not equality for all. Their goal is to tear apart America. They want to divide the country and destroy it so that they can rebuild it and create a Marxist society. The BLM protesters have made it clear on many occasions that they have Marxist goals, and they will happily use violence to achieve what they want.

If they are not hiding what they are trying to do, why is the media?

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