One Imam gives a shocking response to the rising antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

Which group today is at the forefront of the fight against freedom of religion around the world? The Imam has a surprising answer.

There is no question that the Jewish people are uniquely placed to be sensitive to everything that relates to racial inequality and freedom of religion. The Holocaust was just the culmination of centuries of racial suppression and Jew-hatred. But it was not a new concept for the Jewish people that non-Jews would treat them horribly. The main difference between the Holocaust and previous instances of mass Jew hatred was the systematic and uniquely racial aspect to the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish people.

One of the few things that unites all Jewish people, whether from Ashkenazic or Sephardic heritage is the fact that Jew-hatred persisted wherever they lived. The argument that Jew-hatred is built in somehow to the world is very convincing when noticing how widespread it is on all four corners of the earth. But the Jewish people today have become the main people who champion the rights of people all over the world. This is logical. This is the reason why so many Jewish people were drawn to the United States of America – where true freedom is built in to the Constitution. This is the most important thing for us to protect in the coming decades.

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