University student rips apart the Marxist ideology

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems uncommon that university students are willing to go against the Liberal way of thinking. But this student tears apart the Marxist ideology.

The Marxist Ideology Kills People

Do you want to know something about Black Lives Matter? They openly support the Marxist ideology. They have made it clear. Are so many that ignorant that they believe it is just about non-existent systemic racism? These protestors are supporting Communism – the same communism that killed about 100 million people.

Do these BLM activists know that? They are either ignorant about history, or they know it and don’t care. Either way, it is bad. It means you either have fools running Black Lives Matter or tyrants. Or both.

Hear it from Someone Who Knows

This student knows almost firsthand the horrors of Communism. His family experienced it. Communism is not a game, although it seems like many Americans act like it is.

These ignorant BLM supporters must stop fighting against the freedom that America has to offer. They should think before they fly that red flag and raise up that symbol of Communism.

Can you listen to this student speak and want the life his family had under Communist rule? That is ridiculous, irrational, and destructive. It is truly mind-boggling that Americans are actually fighting FOR such a cruel ideology.

It’s not About Police or Racism

Is it not obvious that these radical rioters do not care to actually improve America and help bring about reform? That they do not care about helping better society?

America isn’t perfect. What country is? But it tries to be as close to it as possible. America offers endless opportunities for people of all race and color. What in the world is BLM fighting against? What do they really want?

To destroy America. If you haven’t realized it yet, open your eyes just a little wider…

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