As Crime Surges Ilhan Omar Wants to Destroy all American “Systems”

by Avi Abelow

Police wrestle with surge in crime in US cities amid defunding efforts

That’s a current headline article in the Wall Street Journal.

Their byline then continues “a violent summer hits some major US cities as police face budget cuts due to the pandemic and efforts to combat police brutality.”

How there are thinking people who support defunding the police without seeing this clear repercussion is beyond me.

But the leftist Marxists in the United States, under the guise of fighting racism, are succeeding in convincing enough people of this insane policy direction.

As Congressman Jim Jordan posted today:

It’s no surprise that crime rises when Democrat mayors:

Belittle the polish

Defund the police

And call to abolish the police

And of course they will probably ask for a federal bailout to save their cities”

It’s not even just about defunding the police, it’s about destroying the United States if America as we know it. 

Just listen to one of their Congressional cheerleaders, Ilhan Omar.

Kind of ironic that this Muslim Somali woman owes her life to America, and yet instead of showing deep appreciation for the freedoms, prosperity and opportunity the USA has given her, she wants to destroy it from within.

The Marxist-Islamist alliance is at play to destroy America, and they are working hard from the inside, from Congress! And this after Zpresident Obama began the process under his eight year Presidency. Thank G-D, President Trump wok that election. 

Work hard and pray that he wins in 2020. Otherwise the Marxist-Islamist alliance will be in the White House once again with President Biden. Just just time, without masks hiding their agenda. 

And this affects all of us, including Israel. Just like the left in the USA is trying to destroy America from within so too is the left in Israel trying to destroy Israel from within.

We are in this together.

Motivation for Terror
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