BLM LEADS: Anti-Semitism Continues To Grow Rapidly Across North America

by David Mark

With every day that passes the unleashed forces of anti-semitism continue to grow across North America. While BLM is an organization that supposedly focuses on justice for Black Americans, it has led the way in pointing fingers at Israel and those that support it as the real reason why Blacks are “oppressed” in the USA.

None of this is surprising. The Jewish people have never been able to stay in a foreign country for long once they begin to assimilate and/or attain success. They become the envy of others who turn on them.

The difference now, is that Americans on both the Left and the Right are focusing on Israel as the main issue. This of course is because it has grown out of favor to be an open-anti-semite, so all anti-semitism is forced through an anti-Israel prism.

Despite the semantic trickery, the accusations are the same. In the past they accused Jews in Europe of murdering babies and using their blood in matzot. In the above protests they accuse them of murdering “Palestinian” children. So nothing has changed, just the vehicle.

In fact as of the writing of this article #JewishPrivilege is trending on Twitter.

The sad fact is, we Jewish people never seem to learn from history. In Spain we were assimilated and part of the aristocracy. The inquisition ended that. We thought of Communism and aided the Russian Revolution only to be turned on by the same revolution. Upper class Jews were an integral part of the Weimar republic and we know what Hitler did there.

Everywhere we go and we assimilate, which essentially means in modern parlance, using the privilege of success in the host country we have found ourselves in, the same host country eventually turns on us.

There is a reason why Aliyah applications are rising and there is an expectation of more than 250k new immigrants to Israel over the next two years. There is a sense that North America is turning. It is devolving into all problems are now sourced in Israel. That means Jews and Israel’s non-Jewish supporters.

The wave is growing. It will soon engulf all of us as it always does. Those of us who see whats going can and should get out. If we are home in Israel, it is time to say the unpleasant truth – America is turning against us. It is time to get out.

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