Brigitte Gabriel exposed the Left’s terrifying attempt to “cancel culture”

by Phil Schneider

Brigitte is right on. The “cancel culture” movement is based on intimidation What is amazing is how effective it is in today’s environment. We need to bring people with views like Brigitte into power in the United States or else, we will find that all remnants of history will be removed from the United States heritage. The line needs to be clear – liberalism is good and fine. But the progressive cancel culture attitudes need to be labelled for what they are – anti-American totalitarianism.

Brigitte is right about the United States’ lack of backbone. The United States is not only a good country. It is a bastion in the world against racism. The most effective way to fight the lack of backbone of the United States is via a strong decision to double down on our understanding of history.

Yes, we need to erect more statues of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. President Trump should post guards at every single statue and make sure that every person who does any harm to federal property should be placed in jail for the maximum penalty according to the law. The anarchists have been allowed to sow discord an havoc for way too long.

Many of President Trump’s advisors have probably told him to lay low until the elections and not confront the protesters in order to ward off charges of racism. This is logical, but wrong in this situation. President Trump does best when he owns the narrative and dominates the air waves. He does best when on the offensive and is poor on the defensive. He should be jumping into the racial fray with a crystal clear message that says, “Either you love America, or you tear down statues of Lincoln and Washington – Which side are you on?” He should focus on his love of America and how he has devoted enormous amounts of funds into helping inner city youth climb the ladder. He should focus on how he built up the economy once and how he will do it again. But he should make it perfectly clear that he has sympathy for the demonstrators but only distaste for the rioters, looters, and statue destroyers.

On the corona issue, President Trump needs to lead the country forward through the coronavirus struggles with modesty and determination and accept a nuanced approach where the federal government supports states no matter what they choose to do. That is the American way. If he disagrees with a Governor or Mayor, then he should call him out, but President Trump should not make federal decisions on opening up schools – States should make those decisions. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Birx have been excellent choices and he should put them back in the forefront and appear with them – even if he disagrees somewhat with them. They do know better than him what is best for the health of the country, and he needs to say that clearly with Treasury Secretary Menuchin right next to them speaking about how to deal with the economic repercussions.

If President Trump does all of the above, he has a fighting chance. If not, he will probably lose to a weak opponent.

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