What Israelis are doing for medical staff countrywide is leaving them speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

Medical staff throughout the world have been trying to fight COVID-19. They are on the frontline, and they deserve all the praise and thanks in the world.

Israelis are Thanking Medical Staff

How amazing is this initiative? All it takes is one person to make a difference. What started off as a small thank you to medical staff turned into something larger and larger.

Thanking medical staff does not have to be on such a large scale like it is in this video. It can be a card, an email, a balloon, or flowers. It can really be anything that shows you are thinking of the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives and spending countless hours caring for others with COVID-19.

Israelis can Move Mountains

Like one of the women in this video said, “I think you can say a lot of things about Israelis, but I think they have passion, and they have love, and when you move them, they can really show it, and they can move mountains.”

That is the thing about Israelis – they are tough and strong willed, but at the end of the day, they will do anything to help each other. Israelis have a soft side. It is a dedicated, determined soft side. And honestly, that is how they survive. Fighting for the Jewish state means you have to be strong-willed and have the most amount of dedication. You have to be tough. But you have to have the love to fight for your country and your people. You have to have that sensitive side as well.

What a beautiful and loving country Israel is.

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