ESPN refuses to call NFL player’s open Jew-hated antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

ESPN – Do you not know better? As one of the largest sports networks in the world, don’t you know you must condemn any type of hatred and racism?

ESPN Should be Ashamed

This video perfectly describes how the comment ESPN made about DeSean Jackson’s antisemitism belittled the hatred of Jackson’s words.

The word controversial means that something can be seen in different ways. It is something that people disagree on because there are different opinions.

Antisemitism is by no means controversial. Hating the Jews and citing Hitler is by no means controversial. And anyone who says it falls in the category of controversial is just encouraging more antisemitism.

ESPN should know better. It is shocking that they basically defended Jackson instead of attacking and calling out his hatred. It is shameful.

Antisemitism in America

This is not the first time a “star” has been antisemitic, and it won’t be the last. Antisemitism is in America just as it is in Europe and other places throughout the world. Does it mean that America is an antisemitic country? Of course not. But it seems America is changing, or at least the American people in it are.

It is sad. The Jewish people are a moral, kindhearted, and giving nation. But somehow, they have always been the target of persecution and slander. They move from country to country, and the result seems to be the same.

Maybe it is just time to come back to the Holy Land of Israel. G-d and the rest of the Jewish people are waiting for you.

Motivation for Terror
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