Israelis Wake Up to Sounds of War From Arab Villages

by Avi Abelow

These are the sounds my family woke up to on Sabbath morning, except in the morning hours you don’t see the fireworks, so all we heard were the sounds of constant shooting, for hours! This crazy gunfire, and fireworks lasted for over 12 hours, on and off, beginning Sabbath morning all throughout the day until nighttime. They still are going on sporadically in the background as I record this video, 36 hours later!

Thousands of Israelis woke up scared that war had broken out. My wife and didn’t think war had broken out, rather we thought they were celebrating a successful terror attack that killed Jews. That is what these loud noises of constant gunshots from neighboring Arab villages usually symbolize.

Israeli police telephone lines were bombarded with calls. Plenty of families and children were totally scared. 

It ends up that it was a non-stop celebration for the end of the school year, with final grades having been announced by the Palestinian Authority education system.

Thank G-d it wasn’t a war, and it wasn’t a celebration of a terror attack either.

But, this is still crazy. 

Here in the Middle East, our Arab Muslim neighbors endanger people’s lives by shooting guns into the air! And the amount of ammunition they have is absolutely nuts! These people need foreign aid? It seems like they have plenty of money to finance 36 hours of constant shooting and fireworks!

And for the cherry on top, check out this new BMW a Palestinian Arab father gave his daughter for receiving a 94 on her final exam.

If these people are under a horrendous occupation and discriminatory “apartheid”, then Israel is doing a really bad job!

In all seriousness, there are plenty of filthy rich Palestinian Arabs as there are poor Arabs. People have to stop believing the horrendous antisemitic lies about Israel and the Jews. 

Israel and the Jewish people are a beacon of light of morality in an area where Arabs waste money and endanger lives shooting bullets into the sky for fun! Yet the leftist media and politicians prefer to report fake news about our situation. Don’t believe the fake news. Follow us for the truth.

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