COPYCAT IN ISRAEL: Leftist Anarchy On Tel Aviv Streets

by Micha Gefen

It had to happen sooner letter. 10,000 people turned a protest about Israel economic situation due to corona to a violent protest in downtown Tel Aviv.

Just like the US and other Western democracies, the hard left and anarchists are using legitimate protests about the state of Israel’s economy to turn them into violent riots.

While most Israelis understand (at least for now) that Israel’s closure has been necessary in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus, a good portion of the populace is at its wits end. There have been countless bankruptcies and a weary amount of unemployed.

With all of that being said, the violence at yesterday’s rally appears to be flowing from nefarious elements seeking to bring the same sort of chaos it they have brought to the USA.

Given the fact that Israel is surrounded by enemies and at the same time most Israelis serve together in the IDF, the chances that the same sort of culturally destructive chaos could occur in Israel as it has in the USA is nil.

There is just too much importance placed on unity within Israeli society that violence as it raised its head yesterday will not be tolerated by a majority of the citizens.

Now that could change if the economy worsen, but it would take a complete collapse and that does not seem likely just yet.

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