10 ways to defend Israel with the facts

by Phil Schneider

It is important to note the facts before we start discussing any issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The points of this video are often overlooked.

The State of Israel was established like so many countries in the Middle East as a natural outcome of the fall of the British and French Empires in World War II. Of course, without all of the struggles of the Zionist people to return to their age-old homeland, there would not have been a push to reestablish a Jewish State after 2,000 years. However, Israel is similar to India, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, and other countries that were all established in the years following World War II. The age of imperialism largely ended with World War II. This is despite the fact that England and France were both on the winning side of the war.

A powerful point brought out here is that there were more Jewish refugees in Arab States who were kicked out of their countries than Arab refugees who chose to leave their homes in order to allow marauding Arabs to kill Jews. There were hundreds of thousands of Jews in Morocco, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Iran. Nearly all of these Jews were forced out before and after the formation of the State of Israel. But they didn’t wallow in the land of complaints – they built up the country.

Lastly, the fact that an ancient Arab “Palestinian” nation exists is a new lie. This idea only began to take shape in the early 1970’s. Gold Meir, Israel’s Prime Minister in the late 1960’s, claimed that in the decades that she was involved in Israel’s leadership, the idea of a “Palestinian” nation was never mentioned. There were just Arabs and Jews. But the idea of an ancient Arab nation in the area of the State of Israel is simply a new marketing campaign to malign the morality of the existence of the State of Israel.

The most powerful fact though is the fact about the life expectancy of Arabs in the State of Israel vs. the life expectancy of Arabs in Arab countries. Watch and be surprised. It’s good to be an Arab in the State of Israel.

Motivation for Terror
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