The real meaning behind separation of Church and State

by Leah Rosenberg

Separation of Church and State is not what Americans think it is. Maybe Americans should start learning their history before trying to destroy it.

Separation of Church and State

This video does a perfect job explaining what Separation of Church and State really means and where it came from. It seems that most people do not know this piece of history. It is taken out of context and changed to mean something completely different.

But even more than that, other facts and statistics were revealed in this video that are crucial to the continuation of America. And that is, the importance of religion and G-d in daily life.

Religion Improves Life

The statistics show that when religion is the foundation of America and the basis of living, society is better as a whole.

We have seen the negative effects over the years of trying to remove G-d from the country; of trying to remove Him from schools and everything else. We have seen what happens when religion based off of the Bible is removed from the picture. Society loses itself. Society gets worse and worse. Marriage rates have gone done, birth rates have gone done, and less Americas are giving to charity.

And what has gone up? This video tells you: Behavioral issues at school, crime, and children without fathers.

The issues are clear. And the solution is somewhat simple. The problem is, many Americans no longer care what the country was founded upon. Many Americans no longer care about G-d and religion. And that is going to completely bring down America.

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