Ben Shapiro proves how religion is the basis of American values

by Leah Rosenberg

Ben Shapiro, an American conservative political commentator, talks about how many values, such as freedom of speech come from religion values. How many other secular laws are based from religious laws.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is a world-renowned writer, columnist, political commentator, radio talk show host, and lawyer. He has a bachelor of Arts in Political Science and attended Harvard Law School. By the age of 21, he had written two books. He is the host of the Ben Shapiro Show, which is a podcast that is broadcasted daily, which as of November 2017 was downloaded over 10 million times.

Shapiro is known to be right wing in his political views. He supports a ban on abortion, he believes there must be a balance for the need and right to firearms with public policy. When it comes to LGBT rights, he believes
 “I’m very much anti-gay-marriage in the social sense. As a religious person, I think homosexuality is a sin, I think that lots of things are sins that people engage in, I think they should be free to engage in them.”  

When it comes to Shapiro’s views on Israel and the Arabs, he has the view of a right-wing religious Jew. He believes that there should be a Jewish Homeland in the land of Israel. He says “we are above 800 million Muslims who are radicalized”.  800 Million, is no small number. The Palestinian Arabs are constantly radicalized and are a hostile nation. It is hard to distinguish between the ideology of the Palestinian Arabs and that of the terrorist Arabs.


This is the term that many groups, that is used in reference to Christianity’s derivation from Judaism. The Christians believe that Jesus and his disciples were given the New Testament and the Jewish People, were given the Old Testament, from Moses on Mount Sinai. Judeo-Christian, this term was used later in the 20th century in the United States. The concept is more ethical than theological.

When Franklin D Roosevelt, in 1933 when he famously said “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”  It has numerous religious references. His speech had many values that Jews and Christians shared. Roosevelt believed we should put our religious difference aside and seek justice and do good.

President Eisenhower, in 1952, before his inauguration, he said “we hold that all men are endowed by their creator” This is even written in the Bible, the Jews believe that all men were created in the image of God. President Reagen emphasized Judeo-Christian values as a necessary ingredient to fight against communism.

Since 9/11, when the twin towers were brought down the phrase Judeo-Christian has not been used as much. It is now a debate of separation between Church and State.

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