Hillel Neuer: “The worst censorship I’ve experienced in 15 years at the UN”

by Leah Rosenberg

Neuer, the executive Director of UN Watch, which is a non-governmental organization to keep watch on the United Nations. He is the founding chairman of the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy.

United Nations

The United Nations is an international organization that is tasked to maintain international peace and security. It was established in October 1945 after the end of World War 2. Their aim is to prevent future wars from happening, after having seen the horrors of World War 2, many also still had memories of World War 1. At the beginning there were only 51 members, it has now grown to 193 countries.

One of the UN’s purposes to protect human rights, there should not be a distinction between race, religion, gender or language. In 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt together a French lawyer, drafted up the UN Deceleration of Human Right. The document mentions civil, political and economical rights to all human beings. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights was formed in 1993. It was replaced in 2006 with the Human Rights Council, which consisted of 47 members.

United Nations Human Rights Council

The Council consists of 47 members. Countries which include Qatar, Pakistan, Iraq, UK, USA, Fiji, Nigeria, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Some of these countries go against the Council and are not giving their citizens the rights they deserve.

The Council is known to have a biased against Israel. It is constantly discussing the Israeli-Arab conflict. It has issued more sanctions against Israel than any other country in the world. Every session as Agenda Item 7, the Israeli-Arab conflict is discussed. Boris Johnson, the Foreign Minister for the UK said: “We share the view that a dedicated agenda item focused solely on Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories is disproportionate and damaging to the cause of peace.” The United States pulled out of the Council, accusing them of bias against Israel and failure to hold Human RIght Abusers accountable.

Occupied Territories

These are the areas referring to the land that Israel captured in the 6 Day Way, in 1967. The real names of the land are called Judea and Samaria, many also refer to this area, as the West Bank. Israel is not occupying the land, it won the 6 Day War by fighting enemies on all fronts. Israel is a small country yet still managed to fight off the armies of 4 other countries.

Many people believe that Israel does not treat the Arabs who stayed living in Judea and Samaria well. They believe Israel is under the Human Rights violation and should be sanctioned. However, if one visits Judea and Samaria, one will see that this is not true. Israel sends humanitarian aid to countries all over the world, where ever it is needed. Israel has given full citizenship to many of the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria. The Arabs that left and went to settle in countries like Jordan, Syria or Lebanon are still after 50 years living in refugee camps.

Hillel Neuer

Neuer is a Canadian born lawyer and writer. He is an advocate at the United Nations for Human Rights. He has represented many victims in front the of the United Nations Human Rights Council. He has spoken out against victims in countries such as Iraq, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Nepal and Pakistan. Neuer is known for criticizing the UNHRC for its biased against Israel.

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