Israeli company develops technology to protect planes from missile strikes

by Leah Rosenberg

An Israeli company is showing the world why it would be foolish to boycott Israel. Check out the unbelievable technology that can help avoid tragic attacks!

Israeli Company BIRD Aerosystems

The Israeli company that created the technology to protect planes is called BIRD Aerosystems. They are really changing the course of history. In the past, many civilian planes have been targeted by missiles as they flew over certain countries. This video explains how the technology works and all the details that you would never think about. It really is fascinating! Did you ever realize how much thought and effort goes into every detail of a new development?

Flying can be nerve-racking. But if you are certain that your plane is as safe as it can possibly be, then it is much more comforting. And Israel is helping planes be safer.

Why Boycott Israel?

Do Israel boycotters not want to benefit from this technology? Will they refuse to fly on planes that install what BIRD Aerosystems developed? That just seems unreasonable, but in theory, that is what these anti-Israel people would do. With the knowledge that Israel has really helped improve the world in so many areas with so many developments, it is obvious how impossible it is to actually boycott the Jewish state. Why would anyone even want to? Israeli technology helps the world; it does not hurt it. Is it not absurd for someone to actively choose to not benefit from a certain good?

Israel is really helping the world whether you like it or not. Everyone should appreciate the good!

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