Fatah official reveals who the heroes are for Palestinian Arab children

by Leah Rosenberg

To have a chance of peace, Palestinian Arab children must grow up differently. Because right now, their heroes are terrorists. That is not how peace comes.

Palestinian Arab Children

Children are innocent – including Palestinian Arab children. That is, until they are taught to hate, murder, and blow themselves up. This Fatah official explains how in their world, terrorists are the role models for children. In other cultures, heroes are those who have given, built, and loved. Not those who have taken life, destroyed, and hated. But in the culture of many Palestinian Arabs, the heroes are the terrorists.

Emergency UN Meeting?

The UN should be holding an emergency meeting about this! Terrorists as role models? That is a frightening culture! But they are too busy condemning Israel for…nothing. They are too busy ignoring the real violators of human rights. How can the UN ignore the fact that Palestinian Arab children are going up with murderers as their heroes and role models? That is just child abuse!

This is the sad reality. It is nothing new. But for some reason, the world is blind to it. They pretend this type of culture does not exist. But it does. And Israel is suffering because of it.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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