Artist draws out the Holocaust in sand art

by Leah Rosenberg

The Holocaust was one of the darkest times in Jewish history. Words cannot truly describe the horrors. But maybe art can help some depict their emotions.

Expressing the Holocaust in Sand

There are many artists who have used their talents to express the intensity of the Holocaust through their art. They try to relay their inner most emotions. You cannot truly explain or describe. You can talk about the facts of the Holocaust, but no matter what, a person who was not living through those times will never know what it truly was like to be in that Hell of Nazi control.

Some, though, try to use art as a way to portray an intensity that words cannot. And this artist did that. Not through drawing or painting, but with sand. It is unique and different. And it is powerful, to say the least.

Memorials for the Holocaust

This sand art was a Holocaust Memorial for the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia. The artist’s name is Ilana Yahav.

It is so important to continuously remember the Holocaust and create as many memorials as possible. Art is one way to memorialize, and there are many other ways as well. In a world where so many are denying the Holocaust ever happened just decades after it did indeed happen, we need to remember and share the horrors. We have no choice. The firsthand witnesses of the slaughtering are slowly no longer around to tell of the barbarity. And we must keep their memories alive.

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