Love and Anguish: Attempting to depict the Holocaust through sculptures

by Phil Schneider

The massive tragedy of the Holocaust cannot be fully expressed artistically. But this man tried to do it. He titled it “Love and Anguish.”  It is an amazing fete, and oh so powerful.

The magnitude of the Holocaust is impossible to understand nor grasp. It is even more difficult to depict or draw artistically. But the memorial in Florida successfully provides a glimpse of the love and anguish that was the lot of millions of Jews.

A Bit of History

The war between Germany and other countries began in the late 30’s.  But in September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. From then on, more than 9 million Jews were in the cross-hairs of the German War Machine.  The Germans succeeded in killing 6 million Jews.  Around 3 million somehow survived.  How they survived is a fascinating web of miracles after miracles.

However, the pain and suffering that the German murderers caused is simply beyond all understanding.  But we must learn and understand and feel at least something of what the Germans inflicted on the Jewish people.

The amazing sculpture chooses to depict the anguish via mothers and children, sisters, parents and friends – all being tortured and separated from one another.  One of the worst things that was done by the Germans was the heartless separation of families before killing them.  There were a few angels in the midst of the hell that the Nazis created.  However,  the overwhelming majority of the Germans were beasts who woke up in the morning and followed orders to kill Jews.  Jews were clearly treated as lower than beasts.  No mercy was shown whatsoever.

After the Holocaust, the remnant of the Jewish people became masses of refugees with no real home.  Some traveled to North America, England, South Africa, South America, or Australia.  However, a large element of the survivors chose to move to the Land of Israel – not yet the State of Israel.

Today, the Jewish people stand tall – due to the proud and strong State of Israel.  Israel’s strong Army is there to insure that no tragedy like the Holocaust will ever transpire again.  We have learned the lessons of the Holocaust well.



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