With so little snow in the desert, Israelis need to improvise…

by Shira Epstein

Israel is blessed to have so much in so little space. A tiny country filled with all different types of land. This video showcases the Negev, the Israeli desert. There is very little lacking in Israel, but the one thing that is missing is snow in the desert…

Innovative Israel

Israel is known to be innovative, making the most out of what we have. When we say innovation though, it is often in reference to the huge high-tech industry in Israel. The Israeli high-tech scene is always growing and is making a huge impact on the entire world.

But this time is different. We are not referring to the innovative Israel high-tech scene. Instead we are referring to one of the many incredible opportunities you can find in the Negev, the Israeli desert.

The Negev is a sand desert with a hot dry climate. Rain is seldom and occasionally there are flash floods due to the water coming from the north of Israel in the rainy season. But snow in the desert??? Snow is not found in the Negev.

So what did some snow loving (or maybe they were just adventurous fun loving guys) guys do? They started this incredible sand-boarding activity here in the Israeli Negev. So, for any of you snowboard loving people out there, you can now go sand-boarding in the Israeli desert.

But Israeli culture of course won’t let it just be a sandboarding experience. No! They open their hearts and like any good Jewish home, they also want to make sure you don’t go hungry. So, as we can see in the video, you can also experience an incredible Israeli meal when your legs are tired.

I can’t say I have personally done this but what I can tell you is that next time I am driving in the area, I am definitely making sure we schedule a stop here!

Dr. Risch

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