Silence from the West as Turkey Conducts Ethnic Cleansing Against Kurds and Christians in Afrin, Syria

by Avi Abelow


The Syrian Kurds are being massacred in Afrin, Syria and the West is silent. The Kurds have been abandoned by the West. This is unbelievably sad and extremely surprising since the Kurds were the Western countries’ most reliable partner in fighting and defeating ISIS.

Afrin is an area of Northern Syria and the leader of Turkey, Erdogan, is trying to annihilate the Kurds and Christians of the area.

The most maddening aspect of this whole situation is that Turkey is a part of NATO. This means that the Turkish army is a NATO army. And yet the West is silent as Erodgan uses his NATO army to massacre the most loyal ally of the West in the fight against ISIS.

An Islamist Attack

The Kurds of Afrin never attacked Turkey. There are hundreds of thousands of civilians in the city, yet Erdogan is calling them “terrorists” and bombing them.

Turkey has referred to the attack against Afrin and the Kurdish people as “jihad”. They are cooperating with Al Qaeda and ex-ISIS fighters. The Turkish invasion is threatening the Kurdish Christians of Afrin and has already completely driven away the Yazidi people.

Kurdish people fear the “ethnic cleansing” by the Turkish military. Erdogan has promised to deliver Afrin to its “true owners”, to replace the population of Afrin with his own jihadist proxies.

Abandoned by the West

The Kurdish forces that fought the war against ISIS no longer trust that the US will help them. They feel that the US allows Turkey to kill its people.

The Kurds are the best ally of the US, the West and Israel in the Middle East. Their defeat at the hands of Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood is a defeat for the freedom loving world.

Afrin Being Attacked

Outside the city, Al Qaeda and ex-ISIS forces are joining nationalist Islamist units of the Turkish Army to hunt Kurds, Yazidis and Christians. These units have announced a bloodbath in advance. They’ve been killing, raping and looting in the region for weeks.

Fleeing and Looting

Due to this horrible situation, masses of Kurds and Christians are fleeing Afrin.

Here you see Islamist forces in a Christian home

Kurds Want No More of Islam

In the video below, Kurds from Afrin express how they want nothing more to do with Islam, Turkish or Arab Islam…
“we congratulate Israel on the capture of Jerusalem, we want to be friends and partners of Israel and the Americans, and not neighbors of Turkey. Israel and the Americans are at least merciful. I hope you also take the kaaba and Saudi Arabia.
We never want to be Muslims again, we are zorastrier and kurds…”

Dire Situation

This situation has been going on for more than 60 days. The Afrin residents have been screaming for help.

Why are world leaders silent while these people are being massacred?

It was the Syrian Kurds who lost 2500 of their young men and women fighters in liberating Raqqa from ISIS. It was the Syrian Kurds who destroyed ISIS. Yet now they are facing genocide at the hands of Turkey and Islamists and none of the EU countries such France, Germany or UK or US … even care about it.

The Kurds of Afrin are calling upon every person who cares for humanity, to please act urgently to help them.

One million people in Afrin need our help right now. Tomorrow will be too late.

We must all raise our voices so that our governments save the Kurds from this Turkish aggression.

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