When Woody Allen sat there mocking religion, Billy Graham knew exactly how to respond

by Michael Sax

The Bible’s commandments are at stake here, and Billy Graham did a marvelous job. Whether you’re Jewish and follow the Torah, or Christian and follow the Bible, you’ll love the tact, wit, and honesty as Billy Graham takes on Woody Allen.

The Ten Commandments

While the Israelites were enslaved by ancient Egypt for hundreds of years, God took them out with ten plagues. They then walked to the desert and weeks later, arrived at Mount Sinai. It was here that God gave them the Torah, including the Ten Commandments.  As to his favorite commandment, Billy Graham chose to mention “Honor your father and mother.”  And this is something that all children, no matter how old, can relate to. Do we treat our parents properly? Do we give them respect? And furthermore, do we raise our children with proper values? When we look at the commandments, we see guidance in how we should live.

The Ten Commandments are: 1) I am the Lord, your God, who took you out of slavery in Egypt.  2) Do not have any other gods except Me.  3) Do not take God’s name in vain.  4) Remember the Sabbath.  5) Honor your father and mother.  6) Do not murder.  7) Do not commit adultery.  8) Do not steal.  9) Do not be a false witness.  10) Do not covet.

What Billy wants

Billy states that he follows the rules because they are objectively correct. Part of this response is that a higher and absolute power has decided what is appropriate. As such, it is not for him to decide what to do and and what to avoid. For example, if coffee were to be declared an unhealthy habit, he would give it up.

Graham and Allen have an enjoyable encounter. Although, we are left wondering a big question. Did Graham ever see any of Allen’s plays or movies?

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