Lawmakers demand social media websites act to stop terrorism online

by Avi Abelow

The USA and the West are defeating ISIS on the ground.  But that is only part of the battle against ISIS.  Unfortunately, ISIS and other Muslim groups have upped their game at spreading terrorism online. As a result, lawmakers are now demanding that social media sites find a way to tackle this growing problem.

Social Media Abuse

Training and recruiting. Communicating with sleeper cells. These are all different ways that terrorist organizations take advantage of social media.  Why?  In order to spread terrorism online.

It is scary to think how easy it is for these organizations to abuse social media in order to spread terrorism.

Social Media Accountability

Social media companies continue to insist that they are doing everything that they can.   We must ask ourselves – Are they?

It is common to see messages of hate from Muslim organizations and others. Yet the social media companies still refuse to remove them. On the contrary, social media companies have been removing posts and accounts that highlight the connection between many Muslims and terror.


Does it look like the social media giants are truly going after the haters and the terrorists? Or does it look like they are going after the whistle-blowers?  It is quite a jungle out there.  We call on the social media companies to employ alot more common sense and alot less ideology.  By so doing, social media will become a more healthy outlet for the masses and a less dangerous source of information.

Join Canary Mission – Cutting edge of the fight against anti-Semitism and support for terrorism on social media.

Dr. Risch

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