The BDS strategy to exterminate the Jewish People revealed

by Phil Schneider

BDS is an anti-Semitic organization. But, they do an excellent job at cloaking their real goals.  How do they do this? The BDS claim that they are a human rights organization. They claim that they are simply running a peaceful campaign and all they care about are the “poor Palestinians.”

Who are the Palestinians

In a real nutshell, Palestinians are NOT what you think.  Jews and Arabs are Palestinians.  Huh?  That’s right.  Jews and Arabs.  There has never been (nor will there ever be) a State called Palestine.  However, there most certainly was a geographical area in the Middle East that was referred to as Palestine.  For thousands of years, the area was almost completely empty.  A smattering of Jews and a smattering of nomadic Arabs.  Thousands – not tens of thousands – lived in the land on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean.  But they had absolutely no distinct nationality.  They called themselves Arabs.  Either they were Arabs who came from the northern side – Syria or Iraq.  Or they were Arabs who came up from Africa – Egypt or Saudi Arabia.  But they were never a mass group, and certainly not a unique nationality.

The Return Begins

That is until the great return of the Jewish people began to take root.  The Jews began their miraculous return in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.  It gained steam in the late 1800’s, and really picked up between 1900 and World War I.  Pogroms in Russia pushed many Jews towards nationalism.  The Jewish people came and began to hire workers.  Arabs heard about job opportunities and came from Syria and Egypt to lands referred to as Palestine.  The population of the area began to increase significantly.

Who’s a Palestinian?

Now there were Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Arabs living in an area referred to as Palestine under Turkish rule.  No State called Palestine.  No ancient Arab connection to the Land.  Just a few thousand Arabs from Syria and Egypt looking for work who joined a few thousand other Arabs who were indeed locals.  The Jewish people on the other hand had a 3,000 year+ connection to the Land of Israel.  So, the Jews who moved to the Land of Israel were fulfilling age-old dreams and returning to their homeland.  The Arabs were looking to have some more food to put on the table.  If the Arabs felt any connection to a homeland, it was probably Egypt or Syria.

In World War I, the British Empire triumphed over the Turkish forces and took over the land commonly referred to as Palestine.  The British Empire declared their intentions to found a homeland for the Jewish people in the area.

The Jewish State

Thirty years later, in 1948, the Jewish people would realize their dream and found an independent State in the Land of Israel and call it Israel.  They could have called it Palestine or Judea and those would have been logical choices too.  The Jewish newspaper of the pre-State period was called the Palestine Post.  The Jewish theaters were called the Palestine Theater, etc…  After the Arabs lost their 1st war of extermination against the fledgling Jewish State,  most Arabs chose to stay in the new State of Israel.  Those who truly wanted to leave simply got up and left.  Many preferred Israeli medical care than living with other Arabs.  Smart move.


Fast-forward 20-30 years.  The PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, founded in 1964, decided to inflict as much terror on the Jewish State as possible.  Their aim – destruction of the Jewish State.  They created the entire myth of a Palestinian national identity.  Their leader, Yasser Arafat, famously said peace-loving messages in English and spewed venom and pure anti-semitism in Arabic.

The BDS movement copies this two-faced manner.   The most important aspect to realize is that the entire idea of helping the “poor Palestinians” is based on one big lie.  Their is no such thing as an independent racial identity called a “Palestinian people.”  There are Jews and Arabs from an area once referred to as Palestine.  And their actually is some truth to an Arab claim on very small parts of the Land of Israel.  But, there is no truth to a claim that their exists an entity called “Palestinians.”

What most certainly does exist is a sinister plan to destroy the Jewish people who live in a geographic area that is the Land of Israel.   The BDS use the fake cause of “poor Palestinians” to justify their real intentions.





BDS Exposed
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