The frightening truth about today’s anti-Semitism

by Avi Abelow

This message of Rabbi Sacks is extremely important.  Canary Mission does an excellent job with this video.  They contrast the words of Rabbi Lord Sacks with the words of the BDS founder.  Rabbi Sacks, as usual, hits it on the nose – perfectly.  Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks analyzes modern anti-Semitism. Omar Barghouti, founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, reveals the anti-Semitism within the movement. Don’t miss this powerful video.

The Modern Form of Anti-Semitism

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: “Once Jews were hated because of their religion.  Then because of their race, now because of their nation-state.”  Anti-semitism means denying the right of Jews to exist collectively as Jews with the same rights as everyone else.

BDS Founder Omar Barghouti: “Israel is the only country on earth that maintains this divine right to exist.”

Rabbi Sacks: “Anti-Semitism takes different forms in different ages. In Nazi Germany, the Jews were accused of controlling both capitalist America and communist Russia.”

Barghouti: “The Israel lobby bought and paid for Congress.”

Rabbi Sacks: “Today, people accuse the Jews of running ISIS as well as America.”

Barghouti: “The US and Israel are benefiting a lot from this ISIS phenomenon. They created the Taliban, they created Al-Qaeda, so why not ISIS?”

Blood Libel

Rabbi Sacks: “All the old myths have been recycled from the blood libel…”

Barghouti: “Most of the victims of this illegal medical experimentation were palestinian women.”

Rabbi Sacks: “to the protocols of the Elders of Zion”

Barghouti: “the Israeli Zionist Jewish lobby”

Rabbi Sacks: “This then reduces complex problems to simplicities. It divides the world into black and white.”

Barghouti: “The occupation clearly is the most convenient and the easiest practical target because it’s black and white.”

Rabbi Sacks: “Seeing all the faults on one side and all the victim-hood on the other.”

Barghouti: “All Israelis are oppressing all palestinians. It’s the State of Israel. We know no other entity that we can hold accountable for our miseries.”

The Ultimate Goal of BDS

Rabbi Sacks: “The argument is always the same ‘we are innocent, they are guilty’. It follows that ‘if we are to be free then they, the Jews or the State of Israel, must be destroyed.”

Barghouti: “Major powers around the world that were thought of as invincible, collapsed. There is no reason to think why Israel cannot.”

Rabbi Sacks: “Anti-Zionism is the antisemitism of our time. You know where the road ends. Don’t go down there again.”

Hit them at their weakpoint

Omar Barghouti has a very clear objective.  He doesn’t hide it.  But he is smart enough to not fight Israel’s existence head-on.  So, he takes the one issue that is most difficult for Israel to justify and fights Israel from that angle.  This is a clever move that all military leaders use – hit them at their weak points.  One of the positive results of this is that Barghouti forces us to solidify our defenses.

History teaches clearly that massive dangerous movements start out as small dangerous movements.  The BDS is still small.  Yet, they carry much more weight than they ought to.  They need to be exposed for what they truly are – Jew-haters & Israel-haters.  They have one goal – to destroy the State of Israel.  It’s that simple.


BDS is the new leader of the new modern form of anti-semitism.  It is a slick anti-Israel version of same the age-old anti-Jewish hatred.  This is what the world knows so well.  In each generation, anti-semitism morphs into some more modern version.  But the core is the same.  Hatred of Jews.  We need to unmask the BDS movement.  We need to expose the aims, the goals, and the tactics of the BDS.  If people accuse Jews of being over-sensitive against anti-semitism, well – we have every reason in the world to be over-sensitive.

Arab Incitement
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