Is Twitter now a safe space for Anti-Semitism?

by Michael Sax

This has got to be the clearest proof of antisemitism on Twitter. The battle is being fought online, and it is ugly. But who is the winner?

Online anti-semitism

The Canary Mission documents people and groups that promote hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on North American college campuses. So, when they uncover clear sign of people promoting hate, guess what happens? You would think that Twitter would ban the anti-Semites. One would expect that Twitter would block their accounts.

What really happened

Yet instead, Twitter suspended the Canary Mission’s account! For what – for reporting the truth?! Masses of people complained, and pointed out the complete insanity of Twitter’s suspension. As a result, two days later the suspension was lifted.

But the antisemitism on Twitter continued. Four days after the suspension was lifted, the Canary Mission account was locked. What was the reason for it? Well, Canary Mission exposed an antisemitic tweet. What the heck? People can post anti-Semitic content, but when someone reports it, the person who reported it gets punished!?

Antisemitism on Twitter

Some people have started to make the obvious case – that Twitter has become a safe space for antisemitism. Instead of being a platform to share ideas, it has become a platform where people can promote Jew hatred. It’s important to have free speech. But that doesn’t include hate speech or calls to kill Jews. What is happening on Twitter? is it really a haven for Jew-haters? And why are they so afraid of Canary Mission, that they had to suspend their account?

Twitter has a lot to answer for. Most importantly, however, is this question: Why do many of the people who Canary Mission exposed for anti-Semitism and terror support still remain on Twitter? What is the real reason that Canary Mission was suspended? Let’s raise awareness and make sure this doesn’t happen again.

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