Growing trend of “Palestine” Supporting University Students threatening to “kill Jews”

by Avi Abelow

When will the left wake up and realize that the cause of “palestine” is not just antisemitic but anti-white as well?
While the Left loves to attack President Trump as a racist and antisemite, based on stretches, they ignore the actual antisemitism from the left. The whole “palestine” issue is a baby of the left, yet they are absolutely silent to the blatant antisemitism and incitement from students who support that cause.

Open Hatred

These palestine supporting students openly tweet their hatred for Jews. They literally openly write that they want to use violence against Jews and even support the murder of Jews. Yet there is no reaction. No reaction from Twitter, no reaction from their Universities, and the left is absolutely silent!

Tweets in the Video

Rob Shimshock of Campus Unmasked reports in the above video the following statements and tweets:

“I am gonna throw rocks at Jews this summer” and “God will kill the Jews” are just some of the statements made by pro-Palestine students. And yet this is the “tolerant left.”

“I’m going to throw rocks at Jews this summer and no one is stopping me.” – tweeted by University of Houston student Tarek Abdo. A few months later he tweeted “I need to go throw some rocks at the Jews”.

University of Memphis student Nadeen Elayan “I want to throw rocks and shoes at the Jews”

Milwaukee Technical College student Balal Abuasi tweeted “I’m a killa Jew in a month”

Dima Jubara Valencia college student tweets “Allah will kill the Jews”, “If I had a dollar for every time I said that Allah will kill the Jews” and not to let anyone think otherwise she tweeted “In this house we pray that Allah will kill the Jews”. She also tweets her hatred for whites “I hate white people”

Students for Justice in Palestine student Sabrina Goss of Tufts University tweeted “today I purposely tripped a white lady…”

Exposed by Canary Mission

One of the most powerful entities on the internet exposing the virulent antisemitism on college campuses is an outfit called Canary Mission.

Twitter keeps on closing the Canary Mission twitter account. Here are the screenshots of the above tweets, if Twitter removes them:

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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