History was Made at Friday’s Jerusalem Marathon, and it Has Biblical Ramifications

by Avi Abelow

Over 35,000 people ran in the Jerusalem marathon this past Friday. Amazingly, people have reported that there were more people in Jerusalem on Friday than on any given day in the history of Jerusalem!

Can you fathom that? WOW!

Awesome Experience

It was an awesome experience! Some people might think that this has no spiritual ramifications at all. It is just a marathon. A Greek tradition now implemented by the Jewish people in the Jewish homeland. There is nothing spiritual about that. What’s spiritual about a marathon? A marathon is just fun and exercise!

Anyone who only thinks that, is missing the big picture of what we just witnessed.

The Biblical Message

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel tells us the true, powerful Biblical message in his video above.

Rabbi Gimpel explains that many people visit Jerusalem to be moved with a personal, spiritual experience. To do this they visit Holy places or attend special Jewish events. However, he relates to us that the Prophet Zachariah prophesied the day when the Jerusalem marathon would take place:

“And the places of the city (Jerusalem) will be full with boys and girls playing”

The prophet Zechariah told us that the ultimate sign of redemption is not the mass attendence of holy sites or holy places in Jerusalem. The redemption will be upon us when the city of Jerusalem is filled with people having fun!

When one reads that passage from Zachariah, and then watch the streets of Jerusalem filled with multitudes of people having fun at the Jerusalem marathon, one can’t wonder whether we are witnessing the redemption right in front of our eyes!

Running for Good Deeds

Many groups ran in the Jerusalem marathon to raise funds for different causes. Rabbi Gimpel ran for a fabulous organization called “Just One Chesed“, which is about crowd sourcing the masses to do good deeds for one another.

Find out how you can join the good-deeds revolution, visit Just One Chesed today, and sign up!

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