UNHRC Joins With Russia In Trying To Pressure Israel Out Of The Golan

by David Mark

The United Nations Human Rights Committee passed four anti-Israel resolutions yesterday. While each one is alarming, the most alarming of all is the UNHRC’s insistence that Israel leaves the Golan.

The UNHRC released a press release that reads as follows:

“In a resolution on Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan, the Council deplored the practices of the Israeli occupation authorities affecting the human rights of the Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan, and requested the Secretary-General to bring the present resolution to the attention of all Governments, the competent United Nations organs, specialized agencies, international and regional intergovernmental organizations and international humanitarian organizations, to disseminate it as widely as possible and to report on this matter to the Human Rights Council at its fifty-second session.”

While its true this UNHRC resolution like all other anti-Israel resolutions have become part of the culture at the international organization, the timing of this resolution – effectively insisting that Israel leave the Golan Heights comes at a very inauspicious time.

Russia has a significant amount of military stationed just North in Syria and in February stated that they do not recognize Israel’s claim over the Golan Heights.

The UNHRC resolution parallels Russia’s view and can be seen in a way as bolstering any action Russia or Syria takes to reclaim the Golan Heights. This corners Israel and with the Biden administration in free fall internationally leaves Israel with no real reliable Western partner.

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