The Truth about Who Really Broke the Democrats has been Exposed

by Phil Schneider

What is the main cause of what looks like an upcoming shellacking in November mid-terms? Brian Kilmeade claims that it has little to do with Republicans and everything to do with Democrat policies under the Biden administration. He is right. From Biden’s policies on handling the coronavirus, to pumping in billions of dollars into an economy and provoking inflation, nothing seems to have worked out well.

But it is the standing of the United States, and the Western world in general, on the international stage, that probably worries people more than anything outside of the gas pump. People in the United States understand that without world stability, led by the United States, things can get messy, and the United States military may find itself embroiled in a long and bloody conflict. The Iraq war was unpopular and is still deep in the memories of most adults in the United States today.

Under Joe Biden, the Middle East recreated another terrorist state in Afghanistan, and Ukraine has found itself in a bloody mess by an old-new imperialistic Russia led by Putin. US voters do not believe that Russia would have been as aggressive had a Republican, or a moderate Democrat been in charge.

But when Joe Biden says his refrain of “C’mon,” yet again, and claims incredulously that nobody saw the variants coming, the people of the United States properly get fearful. Everybody saw the variants coming – except for Joe Biden. Actually, he properly just forgot about it and was sincerely expressing his opinion in that unfortunate interview.

The Democrats need much more than a face lift. They need a shellacking. Just like the Labor Party in England needed a rude awakening with the Brexit movement. Look for a name like the “Tea Party” to take hold come November. It’s a great time for a Republican with little budget, but strong on ideology to jump into the fray of politics.

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