Russia Denies Israel Has Sovereignty Over The Golan, As It Builds Up Its Army In Syria

by David Mark

As Russia steamrolls over Ukraine, the Bennett government in Jerusalem joined with the USA in condemning the invasion. However, this may have been a strategic mistake.

Israel and Russia have had a quiet agreement that allows Israel freedom of movement in Syria in order to take out Iranian missile shipments to Hezbollah. Lately Russia has claimed that these Israeli incursions into Syria are problematic. As the Russia-Ukraine war continues to rage, Russia also continues to build up its forces in the Syrian side of the Golan. The Russians have even said they do not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

What Does Putin Want With Israel?

While the world tries to figure out how to handle Russia and slow down its invasion of Ukraine, most observers are missing part of what is driving Putin to act the way he is. The West has always been obsessed with finding economic reasons for why countries start wars. The war in Ukraine is not economically expedient for Russia. So why is Putin fighting it?

Putin’s goal is to restore Russian hegemony over Eastern Europe. He views the West as weak and disconnected from its religious heritage. For Putin and Russia, Kiev is a holy city. It is in fact where the Rus were born and expanded from and the birthplace of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Putin wants Kiev for religious reasons – after all he has said on multiple occasions that he believes that he is the savior of the Christian world. And if Kiev is holy to Russia then of course so is Jerusalem. Israel must finally realize that we have no one else to rely on but the G-D above.

Other Diplomatic Threats From Russia Against Israel with the Start of the War on Ukraine

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