The Video about Israel that Proves CNN Wrong

by Leah Rosenberg

The IDF is in the middle of an operation to stop the threat of the Islamic Jihad. And CNN and others have been siding with the terrorists.

CNN – Stop Spreading Lies

CNN is guilty. And so are many other news networks. Israel’s goal is to protect its citizens and stop terrorists. In every operation that Israel carries out, they never target innocent civilians. The Israel Defense Forces will even abort missions if children on the enemy side are going to be killed. This video is proof. And what does CNN report? Only that Gazans and children are killed by Israeli strikes. But many times, those who are killed were killed by misfired missiles from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas. But no one reports that. They won’t report the truth. They only report what makes Israel look like the aggressor.

Why aren’t they reporting the missiles that Islamic Jihad has sent into Israel, forcing Israelis to take cover in bomb shelters? Why aren’t they reporting the trauma that children and adults alike experience from the constant rocket fire in Israel’s South? Even those in central Israel have been forced to take cover. Why won’t the mainstream media report the truth? Why can’t they admit that Israel has done nothing wrong?

Let’s see how CNN would respond if their own children were subjected to rocket fire. Would they just let the terrorists continue to harm their children? Probably not. But apparently, Israel is supposed to let terrorists attack without responding.

The double standard…

Dr. Risch

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