The One Good Thing the Biden Administration has Done

by Leah Rosenberg

America is waking up, and it’s a bad dream. Skyrocketing gas prices and half empty store shelves are not the result of the coronavirus epidemic. Yes, there was a disruption that the shutdowns caused. But we are now largely past this stage and learning to live with the epidemic that is clearly weakening across the world. But the economic fallout continues to be drastic.

So, why are things so wonderful? It’s pretty clear now that it is Democrat policies that are driving the economy into a recession. How deep a recession it will be will be determined in November 2022. If the Republicans sweep as they did in 1994, then the spending will be curbed and even reversed. If the Republicans win, but don’t sweep, then the recession may get much deeper than anyone may think.

You don’t need to be a Trump-supporting MAGA-hat wearer to see that Democrat policies have been very destructive to the economy. Moreover, energy independence is not just something that has major economic implications. It is a national security issue of the highest magnitude. If Russia’s gas and oil were not as vital to the world as it is now, then Russia would not be as emboldened to take over Ukraine and threaten the gas and oil supply of the world. The environmental reasons to not drill for gas and oil are nowhere as important as the fact that American soldiers may need to be sent abroad in order to save the free world.

If anybody thinks that in the post-Biden era things will improve, then they should listen to Kamala Harris. It may seem impossible, but if she takes over before 2024, she will probably make even stronger moves in the backward and progressive direction and continue speaking up in praise of criminals. The 2022 midterms will be an historic election. It may even lead the Democrat leadership to rebel against Joe Biden and convince him to step down in order to make room for Kamala Harris. That will make things go from very bad to terrible. The only thing that will truly keep thing in check is a solid majority of Republicans in Congress.

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