Israel and Islamic Jihad Ceasefire Lasts Over 24 Hours

by Micha Gefen

Surprisingly the ceasefire that took effect last night at 1130 between Islamic Jihad and Israel is still holding over 24 hours later.

Both sides are committing to a no firing policy in order to ensure the ceasefire holds. After three days of fighting Islamic Jihad’s leadership has now been eliminated. More than that, while Islamic Jihad’s offensive capabilities have been seriously degraded, Hamas largely stayed out of the conflict.

With the 3 day conflict now finished, Israel needs to find a way to bolster the citizens, because next time it won’t just be Islamic Jihad alone, but Hamas as well.

Even though Lapid insists he is ready to hold Hamas accountable should anything break out, history tends to repeat itself.

“Operation Breaking Dawn’ gave Israel back the initiative. It brought back Israeli deterrence. All of our goals were achieved. The entire military elite of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza was routed within three days. The strength and sophistication of the IDF dealt the enemy a heavy blow,” PM Lapid said.

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