The United Nations is fueling Iran’s war against Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the United Nations role in Lebanon?  As of now, they are a buffer, but a rather ineffective silent buffer at this point.  They point of UN peacekeeping forces is to keep the peace.  But they have done precious little in that regard in the past.

But, in truth, the UN forces are basically just there and doing nothing to prevent the massive military buildup that the Hizbullah has undertaken on Israel’s border.  Iran may be hurting due to sanctions, but they still pack a powerful punch.  It is the proxies of Iran – the Hizbullah in Israel’s north and the Hamas on Israel’s southwestern border that pose the greatest immediate danger to Israeli communities.

Following Iran’s Commands

Israel understands that everything that the Hizbullah does is funded and driven by Iran.  He understands that the people in Lebanon are in danger of being used as human shields.  That is what terrorists do.

The Hizbullah needs to be eradicated completely from Lebanon.  Hopefully the Lebanese leadership will succeed in taking the Hizbullah out.  Otherwise, it seems that a confrontation with Israel will be inevitable.

Who Can Pressure the Hizbullah

The only world body that can take a stand effectively is the United Nations.  True, they have almost never done this.  However, the Arab world is more fractured today than ever.  Many Arab countries today understand that the Iranian threat threatens them too.  It is not unimaginable that more Arab countries will join in a fight to keep Iran from spreading it’s tentacles in the Middle East.



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