British PM never thought her country would reach THIS low point

by Leah Rosenberg

The British PM seems appalled.  But, there is no reason to be so surprised.  Anti-semitism never disappears from the world.  It just takes different forms.  The new British form is a virulent anti-Zionist version mixed with an age-old Muslim hatred of all Jewish people.

Nice words from Prime Minister Theresa May.  However, there is no reason to assume that in England of 2019, there will be no racism and anti-semitism.

The way things look now, from every angle, things will probably get worse.  The very fact that Jeremy Corbyn – with his views on Jews and Israel – could get to where he has gotten – says it all.  If he becomes the British PM, then it should be lights out for any Jew in England.

Time to Think About the (Short-Term) Future

It is no secret that hundreds of thousands of Jews in England today feel the ground underneath them shaking.  They are right.  It is shaking.  There is genuine concern that things may very well get very ugly for Jews in England.  This may happen in many forms.  The most immediate threat will probably be felt on the streets.  Just as in France, Jewish people in predominantly Jewish neighborhoods will probably soon feel uncomfortable walking the streets without security.  But, beyond that, the threats to Jewish synagogues and communal centers may very well double and triple in the coming years.

Danger Zones

But what is crystal clear is that there will be more “danger zones” throughout the country where elected officials are out-and-out anti-semites.  Even in the United States of America, this process has begun – but to a much smaller extent.

There are places for Jewish people today that are much safer.  Whether it is North America, Australia, or New Zealand – most of these English speaking options are far better than England today.

But there is another option which should be on every British Jew’s mind.  The Land of Israel.

Safe Zone

There is no safer place today for a Jew than the State of Israel.  Because there are more cameras and press staffs in the State of Israel than any other country per-capita, every tragedy in Israel gets amplified out of proportion.  But the truth is that Israel is a largely peaceful country with some issues of terrorism.  More importantly, a Jew can live a totally full and free life as a Jew in Israel.  But the most critical aspect of all is that in Israel, a Jew determines their own fate.  That is probably the most critical reason why any person who decides to move to Israel knows that they are making a fundamental change when they choose to live in Israel.  It is the one place in the world where a Jew does not need to fight with their passport, but can defend themselves.  Israel is the ultimate safe zone.


Dr. Risch

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